About Us

The Zero Aggression Project wants you to discover your “political conscience.”

The PCT (Political Conscience Test) was devised by Jim Babka and Perry Willis. It’s a product of the Zero Aggression Project. It will show you how your personal conscience aligns with the political spectrum.

The chart on which the results are displayed is called a Nolan Chart, named after its creator, the late David Nolan. Nolan was a libertarian, and throughout the 1970s and 80s libertarians used Nolan Charts in conjunction with quizzes. Lots of experiments in “quiz design” were run during this era.

Then, the late Marshall Fritz led an effort through his organization, The Advocates for Self-Government, first to standardize the Quiz, then to expand the ways it was transmitted. This version was called, “The World’s Smallest Political Quiz.” They used business cards, which were widely circulated. In the mid-90s, they put The Quiz on the Internet. As of 2017, more than 23 million have taken that version of The Quiz.

The Quiz is about finding your ideology. The PCT is about something more personal and visceral — your conscience. Most people are unaware that politics is largely about…

Who gets to use threats and actual violence to impose their personal preferences on unwilling people.

To say, “There ought to be a law,” is to declare that you want people arrested and penalized. Even worse, it means you’re willing to have people killed if they resist arrest, otherwise your law will be unenforceable. The Zero Aggression Project has purposely designed the PCT to elevate your awareness of this violence so as to your prick conscience. We call this process “conscience building.” But we also want to stoke your creativity, as in…

Can you find a better way to solve social problems that doesn’t involve threats and the use of excessive force?

Well, can you?

We can. We can do it on EVERY single issue on the PCT!

The PCT is brand new. But coming soon (November 2017), we’ll introduce a new product where you can interact with our approach in more depth. You’ll be able to explore any or all of the issues covered in the PCT.

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